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  2. 產品中心
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    GuangDong Boya General Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of grinding equipment specializing in R&D, production and sales. Main production: high precision CNC grinder, automatic surface grinder, high precision manual grinder and other ranking grinders, complete models.

    Our company has advanced production and processing equipment and inspection equipment and instruments. After years of technical accumulation and personnel formation, we can now undertake non-standard customization of CNC grinders with precision between 0.001 mm and 0.01 mm. It can be used in automation of assembly line, unmanned workshop and various precision engineering cooperation.

    Since its establishment, the company has introduced many senior experts at home and abroad to serve as R&D and production technology consultants for many years. After more than ten years of market baptism, the company has passed the international quality and environmental system certification successively. Now, many products have reached the national leading level, won more than ten patents, and the products are well-known at home and abroad. At the same time, the company has maintained good relations with many well-known large enterprises at home and abroad. Now the company's products are in the 3C electronics industry, Aerospace precision parts processing industry, precision molds, precision watches and clocks. Parts processing industry and tungsten steel, ceramics, glass, sapphire, plastic, copper, aluminum, metal and non-metal fields have been widely used and recognized. The company's service network covers all parts of the country to ensure that users can enjoy the high-quality service of Boya Semen Machine before, during and after sales, and to solve your worries at any time and anywhere.

    In order to meet the needs of market development, is committed to providing customers with more quality products and perfect service,the company plans to partial to invest 500 million yuan to start the second phase, which will expand the scale of production, the product update again upgrade (main CNC grinding machine and intelligent robot series products). Growing buds will be unremitting efforts and forge ahead the spirit of look forward to working with you hand in hand, side by side to create a better future for the motherland render the devote themselves to the development of machine tool.

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